Unit 11 - Health
Reading 1

   aspects      connected      depression      gadgets      level      medical      mental      posture      rate      real      result      sensibly      sight      stresses      sufficient      track      trend      virtual  
Smart phones, smart watches, and other now make it possible to monitor many of our health and record the data in time. They can track your heart , sleeping patterns, blood sugar , exercise, and much more. Soon, other sensors will every part of your body, and all of these can be recorded and become part of your history.

While technology is going to improve medical health, it is never going to be to ensure that you are healthy. You are always going to have to exercise, eat , get enough sleep, and deal with the of life appropriately.

In fact, technology can cause health problems, too. For example, using smart phones too much can in physical health issues such as problems and damage to eye . For psychological health, too, while smart phones mean that we are all the time, people are spending less time talking to each other face- to-face. This is likely to increase as technologies like augmented reality and reality become more sophisticated. Many psychologists worry that this will lead to more , communication problems, and higher rates of illness.